Ten Great Examples of Permaculture

Talking about the theory of permaculture is all well and good, but what are people doing with it?
1. Erik Ohlsen’s Suburban Permaculture Neighborhood Center

1/3 acre gravel lot in California that was converted into a lush garden.

2. Geoff Lawton’s Greening the Desert

Geoff Lawton and his team apply permaculture design in Jordan to create a resilient production system.

3. Little Farm LA

Little Farm LA Master Plan

Patrick and Jillian Smith’s urban homestead where they are trying to grow as much food as they can on their little plot in east LA.

4. The City Repair Project
City Repair Project
Our communities in the United States chronically lack outdoor gathering places. See Mark Lakeman’s informative and entertaining TEDx talk about how the project started.

5. Polyface Farm

Polyface farm from space

Joel Salatin’s parents purchased this overgrazed, eroded, and abused Virginia farm in 1961.  Today it is the premiere example of how working with nature can create a farm that is productive, healthy, and beautiful.  Check out Polyface farm here.

6. SUCCESS Alliance

Bringing sustainable farming practices to the cocoa farming industry

7. Rusty and Honey’s Island Farm

View of grapes and cherry View of garden and chicken coop

Nestled in Utah’s Cache Valley, Ryan and Ashley Workman’s 1/4 acre farm.  Despite the small size the property yields plenty of fresh produce, grapes, currants, goose berries, strawberries, cherries, bushels of apples and pears, goji berries, nanking cherries.  Chickens provide fresh eggs and some bug control.

8. Whole Systems Design Research Farm

Whole Systems Research Farm

Beautiful experimental farm nestled in the countryside of Vermont.  See Whole Systems Design’s website here.

9. Midwest Permaculture

Midwest permaculture

Bill and Becky Wilson of Midwest Permaculture transformed their front yard into this beautiful rain garden.

10. Seven Seeds Farm

Seven Seeds Farms

The home of Siskiyou Seeds, Seven Seeds Farm has been growing biodynamic seeds since 1997



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